Thank you Forrest Quick

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Dear Forrest,

I just absolutely love this photo of you. It communicates that you are so very loved by your family, and it helps me understand why you are so generous with your own helpful heart; you mirror the love that surrounds you and then radiate it out towards others.

That’s exactly what you did for me in White Swan, Washington in October of 2014. I had no idea what I was doing, showing up to a powwow uninvited. But there you were, concocting the best kettle corn I have ever tasted (I do not exaggerate) and kindly connecting with everyone you interacted with. You and your family made me feel instantly at home. This is a special gift of yours, and I must thank you for sharing it with me.

Most importantly, I thank you for letting me drive you around White Swan with the windows down and the music up. You pointed out the sights while we talked about our dreams. You told me you believed in me and my music, you assured me it mattered, and I believed you.

And Forrest, the encouraging text messages you send me, just often enough to remind me that there is a kind soul in this universe who cares; I cherish them.

I’m lucky to be your “little buddy”.

With a grateful heart,