Thank you Ezra de Leon

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Dear Ezra,

I haven’t even spent time with you in person since 2008, and yet here I am thanking you. I believe this is a statement to your authenticity online and your encouraging and supportive nature. It shines through from miles away.

I just want to thank you for being interested in my art way back in Guri, South Korea at the Blue Moon Bar. I was just starting to share my songs and, quite frankly, it was terrifying. But you saw something in me, even with my shoddy sense of timing and mediocre guitar skills. You were the first person to ever take video footage of me performing on stage. And then you posted it to Youtube! Do you have any idea what kind of a confidence boost that gave me?! It helped me feel like my songs were worth sharing, which has led me to where I am today. The thoughtful things you do for people matter, and I wanted to let you know that.

Also, thank you for always sharing relevant and important information on Facebook. I appreciate your dedication to social justice and to personal responsibility. I can tell that you “practice what you preach” and live according to values that uplift your neighbor, and therefore all of us. It’s inspiring, and I feel lucky to benefit from knowing you.

With love and appreciation,


2 thoughts on “Thank you Ezra de Leon

  1. I honestly didn’t know that video was such a big deal for you – back then I was living in Korea like you so I was taking pictures and videos of everything interesting around me (which was a lot). Of course I would take a video of a cool girl playing something I liked. I’ve always loved your music and think you’re a great performer. I believe in supporting the people I know and it’s not that hard when they’re so great. From watching and listening to your videos and songs I can tell you’ve become even better and I look forward to seeing you perform live again someday.

  2. Thank you too. I didn’t know something so small I did could ever have such an impact. I’m glad I nudged you along on your path and will keep on listening as long as you keep on playing.

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